As Big As You Can Get It!

by drunkdude69



DD69's third album. We leaned more heavily toward rock this time around, but you can still find our usual touches of funk and ska sprinkled throughout.

The opening track "Next Big Thing" is decidedly more ska than rock, but don't let it fool you into thinking you're safe from musical style whiplash.

This record is also notable for containing some songs that have remained unfinished for a long time - some dating back to the sessions for "Funk Out With Your Junk Out".

We are excited to have finally finished them, and hope that you find something that makes you want to drive fast or throw out rock hands: \m/_ _\m/


released June 9, 2011

Recorded in Cleveland at Snoozeking Studios, Ante Up Audio, and Closer Look, mostly in 2010-11.
Engineered by DD69. Additional engineering by Gavin Murphy for the Ante Up sessions.
Mixed by DD69.
Mastered by Chris Keffer.
Design by Scott Martin and DD69.
Songs published by Snoozeking Music / Rubber Duckling Music (ASCAP).


all rights reserved



drunkdude69 Cleveland, Ohio

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Track Name: Next Big Thing
When the baby gave you the finger
And then she said "bite me mama"
You thought it was so hysterical
You uploaded a little video

Overnight you realized thousands watched it play
You got excited, everybody knew your name
And then it all went away

Your fame and fortune vanished in a flash
In the land of blind luck you were the one-eyed king
Those fifteen minutes, they fly by so fast
'Cause there's always gonna be another next big thing

So we watch you on the television
And wonder what the hell we're doing
It's the world's most boring spectacle
A drama really not worth viewing

Eventually we'll realize that it's all hot air
Conspicuous, ridiculous, and you're still nowhere
And suddenly no one cares

It's the law of supply and demand
Something that we can all understand
We're all suspects
We've got defects
We're all guilty of being train wrecks, and
When we're famous for just getting famous
It's just another flash in the pan
Track Name: The Next Minute
One minute you're high, next minute you're not
One minute a king, next minute a pawn
One minute you're fine, next minute you're not
One minute you're alive, next minute you're gone

Were these words all said in vain?

Time unwinding
Trying but you can't
Outrace the grinding gears

Dreaming, waking
Braking with no friction
The next minute is here

One minute ahead, next minute behind
One minute the truth, next minute the lie
One minute it's yours, next minute it's mine
One minute you're alive, next minute's your time

Has your work all been in vain?
Track Name: Charlene
We met at the Spider
It was a party that went all night
You seemed to like me
It wasn't pretty
That's all right
(I just want to be friends, yo)

At your next occasion
You introduced your exotic friends
They seemed to like me
And they were pretty
(and here we go again now)

I want to take you in
I want to take you out
Get to know your friends
Don't get worked up about it
There's no need to be mean
'Cuz you're the means to an end
So come on now Charlene
Can't we just be friends?

I see your frustration
You want a man and you want him quick
Guess I'll hold out that carrot
While your girlfriends chase the stick
(I don't mean to be a dick, but...)
Track Name: Martini
Into her eyes
I stare transfixed
Like my martini
Her gaze like cold gin
Burning my throat, but
Does she really see me?
I don't know but here I go yeah

I see the world
Through a liquid lens
Something in my soul
Her stare is icy
And desert dry, and
I'm no longer in control
And here I go here I go again

I slip into the drink now

Eye of the needle
Pull through the thread
Pour the sawdust out of my head
Tomorrow morning gonna get out of bed
Only knowing that I'm alive 'cause I keep wishing I was dead
But tonight is mine
It's destiny
I can feel the euphoric tension-release
Taste the smoke on the roof of my mouth
Take a sip
Wash it down

Countless distillations of philosophy
Have led me to a single point
One's never enough
But how much is too much
With this holy water I thee anoint
Track Name: Dead Queens of the Kennedy Age
I'm going driving
The toll's already paid
For destinations A to Z
No rhyme or reason
But I'll find my way
Unlock the kingdom with my key

I feel like I'm
Expectations far behind
My eyes are open wide
Came to find I knew the answers all the time

A sea of knowledge
Full of dry cliches
The dogs of time deliver haste
A golden silence
A sunrise symphony
Never knew how my words would taste

I'm going driving
The toll's already paid
The destination's up to me
Track Name: 50 States of Confusion
There’s no safety in suburbia
Hiding won’t provide you any guarantees
Tension grows inside you like a parasite
There’s just one way to satisfy your daily need

Come on take a ride
Down that dark highway inside
So many sights to see but
Don’t be fooled by the illusions
Though you’ve been here before
I’ll be glad to be your guide
Welcome to your private tour of the
Fifty states of confusion

Watch TV or read the news, it’s up to you
Can you take the pressure of another day
Habits are so hard to break, you know it’s true
Is giving in the only way you know to make it through
Track Name: Things I See (On My Way To Work)
I wake up in the middle of the night
With the TV set still on
Static sounds like pounding surf
But then the dream is gone
The only sand here trickles through an hourglass while I sleep
'Til I'm up with the dawn again
And on my way to work I see

Interstate, guard rail, concrete, rusty nail
Smokestack, steel mill, train track, landfill
Street light, road sign, high tension power line
Dive bar, pay phone, junkyard, traffic cone

In my dreams the air is clean
The beach is crystal white
But this ain't no dream (this is reality!)
This ain't no dream

I find
I spend my time staring at the clock
Waiting for the stroke of five
No walls, no work, just ancient cities
Rising in my mind
But there are no ruins waiting outside the office door
Just all the same damn things
I saw the day before

And you know what they are
'Cause you've seen 'em, too
(I'm talking about)

Billboard, blacktop, speed-trap, traffic cop
Hotel, motel, all-night truck stop
Broken glass, blown tire, brown grass, trash fire
Chain link, barbed wire, high rise getting higher

In my dreams the grass is green and
I can see the stars at night

In my dreams everything seems like
One day it'll be all right
Track Name: Off Center
Sometimes the lines between right and wrong can get blurred
You can misconstrue the meaning of a single word
But when it all comes down to black and white
Who’s to say what’s wrong and what is right
Who can tell me where reality crosses into the absurd

No shades of grey between black and white
One wrong move and you’re in for a long night
We all walk around averting our eyes
Can’t win a losing battle, but we still try
To offer an answer when no one really wants to know why

Our entire life’s the same damn game
Though it may seem different it’s all the same
We’re all running from some unseen tormentor
Don’t you think the world’s spinning just a little off center

There’s a secret fight some keep inside
And a desperate struggle some can’t hide
We’re all fighting in some kind of war
And all everybody wants is more
But if we can’t win, what are we fighting for

What’s up and down is hard to tell
I know one’s Heaven and the other is Hell
Must have been some crazy inventor
All creation’s just a little off center
Track Name: Wanted Everything
I took my head out of the game
Let control just slip away
Least resistance feels the best
If you can handle it
Thought all this time I was awake
Until today

I wanted everything but
Time slipped away from me, I've
Seen hours turn to days and
Years disappeared that way and now
Nothing else in store but
Still motionless I wait
I wanted everything and more
But it feels like it's too late

Left my decisions to the fates
Justified it was okay
Choosing to not choose is the best
If you can handle it
I never thought about mistakes
Until today
Track Name: Psycho Minivan Driver
Psycho minivan driver

Pulls out with no signal
Accelerates to unsafe speeds

Psycho minivan driver

Tailgates with no warning
Decelerates upon passing