Get Up

by drunkdude69

Wake up at 1:30, make our way downstairs with sleepy eyes Reheat yesterday's coffee, need that high octane to shine and rise Head to the Ridge or maybe Grumm's or Richie Chan's That's how we do it baby, living at the Ranch Every day, we find, Is one of a kind Come on in To where the party never ends It's time to get down With a little help from all of our friends Good times Like you can't remember when Until the sun comes up tomorrow And we do it all over again Hot tub in the backyard, freaky people partying outside (They're freaky... and whacked-out) What time is it, I don't know, makes no difference, pay no nevermind Front porch is rockin', deep dark secrets are exposed Don't come a-knockin' if that bedroom door is closed Everything sublime Is blowing our minds Tomorrow seems like it's a million miles away The time to live it up will always be today It's a lost weekend Over and over again
Waiting 05:50
Locked up inside Living like a castaway Sailing with the tide Hoping rescue comes someday On Friday night You medicate just to forget Turn down the lights (because) You've got a hot date with your tee-vee set They Say That good things come to those who Wait Yeah yeah How long does it take? You and I We might run out of time to waste Waiting on the good things And in your eyes Things all seem to look the same Nothing's ever right and Nothing's ever gonna change You spend your Sundays Drinking wine and cursing fate Sleep it off on Monday When you've got nothing but time You know you're never late
Get Up 05:14
Fade in Always hesitating Has been, or Never was in waiting Tailspin Nothing ever changing - Just can't lay your burdens down And all you ever feel is fed up Every day feels like it's just another set-up Hang tough Let 'em all keep talking So what Sometimes there's no stopping Stand up Brand new day is dawning Time to turn the tables around When all you ever feel is fed up Every day feels like it's just another set-up When the pressure never ever seems to let up That's when it's time to get up Come on! Come on! Come on! You got to get up on the one Come on! Come on! (Got to find your groove) Come on! Come on! Come on! You got to get up on the one Come on! Come on! (Time to make your move) Break out Getaway condition No doubt Making it your mission Countdown 3-2-1-ignition Time to get this thing off the ground
Another Day 05:05
Welcome to another day The pounding on your door is opportunity Don’t let it slip away Coffee’s on before it’s light All the good intentions in your waking world Won’t make a damn thing right Start the car Daydream through rush hour Rank and file Imagine another day Standing there with feet of clay You’ll aspire only to complacency And then you’ll fade away Take another coffee break Swear you’ll keep that list of private promises You can’t afford to make Realize You’re just killing time Convince yourself Tomorrow is another day You could spend a lifetime Examining where you’ve been But you’ve got to walk in a straight line You can’t just circle around again You’ve got to live like you have not got another day
Good Times 04:16
Morning And your mood’s just as black as your coffee One more day’s Just another eight hours on your feet You You think of all the time gone by That there’s got to be more to your life And you’re right There are still good times Don’t let ‘em pass on by Might seem tough today But don’t look back and say You missed the good times They’re right before your eyes Look and you will find You and yours still have good times Crying And she said this time it’s really over Trying to find The words to say how much you love her You You feel like all you do is fight But you know it’s not that black and white Don't you realize And we never know when Our time here will be gone for good Got to look for the good times Recognize them And know we enjoyed them When we could
Lose U Baby 04:06
I'm wonderin' what you're doin' I'm askin' what's the deal You show up after blowin' me off for weeks I can't believe you're for real You break up with me one day The next you wanna ball I think you might be crazy, baby Maybe it ain't worth it at all (hit me!) I don't wanna be the one stuck in the middle I don't need to be the one to sort it out I ain't gonna be the one who gives a little That ain't what it's about I got to lose you baby I got to lose you baby I got to lose you baby baby Come on, you got to go You used to have a temp job (but) You couldn't hold it down You call me up to borrow just one more month's rent You're jerkin' me around You like to say that you're an actress That someday you'll be a star You're actin like you're twenty, honey It's your best performance by far
Mine 04:21
What's mine is mine The time is mine I'm mining time, digging Deep for the well of my Soul, digging deep til I Fall down the rabbit hole Then I'll know The well's run dry, well It's a dry run No harm done Shut the blinds so they Block out the sun, son Shut my eyes shut my Mouth blind deaf dumb So it goes I feel just fine (The well's run dry) I feel just fine Come hell or come high water I keep on floating I think if I drink long enough I can swallow this ocean One way and then the other The waves keep on rolling Through hell or high water I keep on floating What's mine is mine This time is mine I lost the time trying Hard not to lose my con- trol, tried to bend, tried a- gain, tried to play a role Now I know The well's run dry, well Give the high sign Glass of jug wine Kill the lights and Open the blinds, I'm Drifting just like Dust in sunshine So it goes I feel just fine And who's high and mighty now? Did it hurt when you fell down? We filled this ocean with our tears Now we both float down here
Bartender 02:50
Pour me a drink laced with derision Stop me from thinking out loud I walked the brink, slave to a vision I fell down before I got proud I find myself going through stages Certitude turning to doubt Opening up the animal cages Letting the wild things out And maybe one more round Then I’ll get myself all straightened out After this last cigarette I'll see how close to the straight and narrow I can really get Shuffle my feet, induce hibernation Going from better to worse It seems to me like my destination's At the other end of another funky universe But maybe just one more round Then I'll get myself all straightened out I’ll get up off this barstool and prove to the world That I ain’t nobody’s fool It's a sad sad story baby, but it's the truth And if you listen for a minute maybe you'll hear the proof I never wanted anything I wasn't willing to earn But in the end I couldn't benefit from lessons I learned So now I find myself repeating what the cynics believe And everything that I was told about what I could achieve Floats in the bottom of this glass And while I drink it up they can just kiss my ass 'Cause it ain't tough to sit back in the easy chair Point at me and laugh and say my life is going nowhere Hey, even though they act secure, deep inside they're drowning in uncertainty While I keep myself anesthetized and what I don't know ain't hurting me I may be pathetic Or maybe I'm not But I'll take one more of whatever you've got Bartender
Peckers 03:42
Walking around Like you got it all figured out You always front but we know what you're all about Stick out your chest, Yes, we're all impressed With the size of your big name Rolodex You want the spotlight It makes you feel right Until the bill arrives And then you're outta sight Every time it's the same story Beg Borrow Steal the glory (CHORUS) There you go There you go Go again Droppin' names like it ought to mean something Tall tales wrapped in little lies Always got your eyes on the Cracker Jack prize There you go There you go Go again Playin' games like you've got to win something And we're just a means to an end You're like a broken record baby, there you go again Right now You're still running your mouth Talking about going up to the penthouse Oh no Pull out your phone A bunch of numbers but nobody's ever at home Who's got the champagne? Why don't they know your name? Always looking 'round But you're the one to blame Go get the bellhop Believe it or not Last night you were kicking it with Kid Rock There you go There you go Go again Droppin' names like it ought to mean something Tall tales wrapped in little lies Always got your eyes on the Cracker Jack prize There you go There you go Go again Playin' games like you've got to win something But you always fail to impress When you try to buy authority at everyone's expense
Temptation, frustration, it’s getting hard to understand Inflation, stagnation, problems surrounding modern man Big city, no pity, it’s just a thing you can’t erase She’s pretty, so witty, if only you could see her face She’s got you dancing on a dime She’s got you running till you’re blind Gonna get it next time Statistics, logistics, they never tell you what to feel The big fix, the cheap tricks, they never tell you what is real You keep on hoping that you’ll find A way to ease your troubled mind Your modern problem's very real Suspicion, ambition, you go on living day to day Position, condition, there’s got to be a better way They've got you dancing on a dime They've got you running till you’re blind They never tell you what to feel Your modern problem's very real Illusion, confusion, it’s hard to know what to believe Solution, pollution, it’s such a tangled web we weave You keep on hoping that you’ll find A way to ease your troubled mind There’s always somebody else in line Gonna get it next time


The fourth release from drunkdude69, combining all of our favorite ingredients: crunchy rock guitar, glassy Hammond organ, funky horns, tight vocal harmonies and some synthy sprinkles thrown in for flavor.

We've even thrown in our take on the Tubes song "Gonna Get It Next Time". Enjoy!


released June 9, 2012

Recorded in Cleveland at Snoozeking Studios, Ante Up Audio, 2011-12, with some older tracks recorded at The Ranch.

Engineered by DD69. Additional engineering by Gavin Murphy for the Ante Up sessions.

Mixed by Scott Martin.

Mastered by Brad Blackwood at Euphonic Masters, Memphis TN

Design by Scott Martin.

Songs published by Snoozeking Music / Rubber Duckling Music (ASCAP).


all rights reserved



drunkdude69 Cleveland, Ohio

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